(Rocket Fighter - Shusui )
KAIGUN DAI 312 KOKUTAI SHUSUITAI SHASHIN SHI (A photo history of the IJN's 312th Kokutai )

Author: Shibata Kazuya
Published by Dainippon Kaiga, August 2005, h/b
Pages: 120
Photos: 196 b/w - 24 color
Size: 15X21 cm

Comments: Okay, this is a very interesting book to start with. Basically it covers the history of the 312Ku with plenty of photos and info on the members. There is a very good number of Shusui photos but with only just a couple new ones (what do you expect? That's all there is and it's quite unlikely we will see any more) There are some nice technical b/w illustrations of the cockpit and the engine but I wouldn't say very helpful to a modeler. A lot more helpful are the color photos of the restored Shusui located at Nagoya. But, all in all, the photos, illustrations and the general presentation would look a lot better if the size of the publication was larger. A very positive point is the translated in English photo captions.
Oh, did I mention that it goes with a DVD? It does and I found it OUTSTANDING!!! It has two truly breathtaking CG Animation movies, one of the test flight (1:20 min.) and an imaginary B-29 interception movie (2:45 min.). Maybe not much you may say but personally I have seen them ten times so far and I'm going for my eleventh after this review. So, overall assesment: if you are looking to super detail your Shusui kit or you judge a book by counting the photos and color profiles, this one is not for you. If you are an aviation fan interested in history and more, then this book is definitely recommended.

Price: 40.00 $US (Postage Not Included)