If you are interested in purchasing any of the items in the "On Sale" section, send us an e-mail, at the following address:

or if this address for some reason doesn't work:

Please don't forget to mention exactly the item(s) you are interested in and your country. We will reply as soon as possible with exact details regarding best means of payment, shiping costs, and other details.


1: PAYPAL. Please contact us in one of the above e-mail addresses for further information.

2: CANADA or U.S.A : There is the address of a friend living in the States to whom you can send any amount, in whatever form you find most convenient (check, IMO...). (This applies to any other part of the world too.)
EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, Rest of the World : In some countries in Europe (Italy, Spain) International Postal Money Order (IMO) service is available and is the recomended method for sending payment, especially for large orders. Another way is bank transfer (from your account, to our account). As a last resort, we even accept cash.

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards or Western Union.


The best way to ship items from Japan is by SAL. Its prices are low and delivery is fairly fast. It takes slightly more than usual for the parcel to leave Japan, then travels by plane to the country of destination, then takes again a bit longer to be delivered within the country.
Normal delivery time is from ten days to two weeks and postage is 2/3 lower than air-mail.
Of course any other preference for shipment (air-mail, express...) is also available.

Our specialty is in items concerning the Imperial Japanese Aviation. But if there is anything else that you are looking for, such as books, magazines or kits from Japan, and you don't see it listed, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.