J-BIRD: Japanese Aircraft Register 1921-1945

Published by Japan Aeronautic Association Aviation Heritage Archive, March 2016, p/b
Pages: 438
Photos: 915 b/w
Size: 18X26 cm

Comments: A monumental publication that catalogues all the known civilian registers of Japan, Manchukuo Aviation Co., China Airways Co. including the gliders. Although all in Japanese, the incredible collection of photographs, most of very high quality and not found in print any place else, makes this publication absolutely essential to any fan of the Japanese aviation history. Not the mention the numerous inspiring schemes and markings for modellers. The book is similar and as essential as the Model Art #327 and supplements it. The only minor objections could be the very elementary lay-out and the complete luck of colour artwork. But nevertheless it is an amazing source that should not be missing from any aviation library.

Price: 50$US (Postage Not Included)