ARAWASI (WILD OR VIOLENT EAGLES) was originally the nickname given by the Japanese public and press to every fighter or "aggressive" pilot in general, regardless of his country of origin. Later, by the start of the Second World War, it was reserved for the Japanese pilots only. There was a cigarette brand also, but that's another story...

We chose this name because this is the main subject of our site: the history of Japanese Aviation from its birth until the end of the Pacific War. Nevertheless, since we are also interested in the history of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces in general, we will also include from time to time articles and material regarding a variety of subjects such as Navy, Army, and Armor, etc.

We created this site because we wanted to have a place where we could put into display and share the information and material we have gathered over the years, a place where we can have full control over our work. The purpose of this site is to promote research and share information. This is the place where the historian, researcher, artist can show his work to the public, where the fans of Japanese aviation can use as reference. Therefore we invite everyone who would like to share his knowledge and work with us and our visitors.

We didn't create this site in order to substitute or to compete with other sites but to supplement and to try to contribute with our small way to this vast and inadequately explored subject. We are not trying to promote any political ideas. We would be very happy if with our site further research on various subjects is stimulated. We would like to think of ourselves as students of history who are still searching for the truth. We hope you will enjoy the fruits of our efforts and you will join us in our research.

This site is maintained by Domoto-Eleftheriou Kiri (Japan) & Eleftheriou George (Greece) but wouldn't see the light without our friends who help us in many different ways.