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Pages: 50
Photos: More than 90 (of which 22 in colour)
Colour profiles: 19 // Illustrations: 2 // Art: 1
Size: A4
Price: $US 15.00 (postage NOT included)

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-ON CLOSER INSPECTION: Kawasaki Ki-10 "Perry" - Special research project provides historical and technical details, paint schemes, cockpit illustrations and more; mostly culled from original vintage sources with some never-before-published photos.
Text: Editors, Mike Goodwin / Illustrations: Ta.Gucci, Saitoh Hisao

-97 Sen over Lion Rock & the Nine Dragons - The story of Nates over Hong Kong accompanied by the original artwork of Nick Millman.
Text/ Illustrations: Nick Millman

-Heinkels over Japan, Part 1 - First of a two-part article covering the Heinkel aircraft exported to Japan.
Text: Peter Starkings / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-Propaganda Propellers - An introduction to the presentation aircraft of the IJAAF.
Text: Paul Thompson

-Soaring Falcons - Three pages of artwork and original photos on the Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa donated by the Burmese government and others with interesting camouflage and markings.
Text: Editors / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-Chinese Puzzle - An attempt to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the predominantly Japanese-equipped Nanking Nationalist Air Force (NNAF).
Text: Editors / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-From Last Emperor to Stranded Passenger - The story of events leading up to the last emperor of Manchukuo's capture.
Text: Eleftheriou George

-Army Kamikaze Group Photo - You have seen the photo everywhere. Renowned aviation historian and researcher Henry Sakaida tells us the story behind the group of Kamikaze pilots.
Text: Henry Sakaida

-Wewak: The Early Days - First part of an article on this significant IJAAF base with vintage as well as modern photos.
Text: Richard Dunn / Photos: Justin Taylan ( -