Arawasi International Magazine

Issue 8 SOLD OUT

Pages: 52
Photos: 70 (of which 17 in colour)
Colour Profiles: 16
Illustrations: 21
Size: A4
Price: $US 12.00 (postage included)

-ON CLOSER INSPECTION #3: Mitsubishi Ki-51 Sonia - The subject of the latest set of Arawasi/Hobic decals, comprehensive coverage charts the long, largely unsung service career of an Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF) stalwart. A great read, complemented by astounding artwork and phantastic photos! As if that werenft enough, Mike Goodwin supplies a few words of wisdom about the Sonia's Mitsubishi engine.
Text: Peter Starkings / Illustrations: Mark Rolfe

-Hiro's Farewell: H4H Flying Boat Series - A must-read for all Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force (IJNAF) fans! Comes complete with great photos, two of which has never been published before! Just in case you're ever asked, gWhat was the first IJNAF flying boat to see service in a war zone?h
Text: Paul Thompson

-Heavy Metal Leviathan: Mitsubishi Ki-20 - The story of the IJAAF heavy bomber that was secretly developed in the 1930s. Based on the Junkers G38 airliner, it had a wingspan wider than that of the Boeing B-29 of a decade later.
Text: Peter Starkings

-Tribute to an Envoy: Gasuden TR-1 & TR-2 - At the lighter end of the scales, we stay in the 1930s to delve into the background of Gasuden's attempts to market a medium transport aircraft to rival the Airspeed Envoy.
Text: Mike Goodwin

-Young Japan: Forgotten Symbol of Pioneer Era, Pt. 2 - Concluding the account of the two intrepid Japanese pilots-one of whom had only recently qualified-who set out to fly from Tokyo to Rome in 1931 in a trainer biplane that had been rejected by the military.
Text: Yanagisawa Koji / Illustrations: Mark Rolfe

-The Colors of Sally - Five Mitsubishi Ki-21 Sally colour profiles, each with a detailed caption, round off this issue's special features on IJAAF Mitsubishi types.
Text: Don Marsh, Paul Thompson / Illustrations: Don Marsh

-Repelling "Horseflies" - The first in a series with a different angle; what Japanese front-line and test pilots thought about their adversaries' aircraft and those that flew them. Includes two photographs kindly supplied by the leading Japanese aviation magazine, Koku Fan.
Text: Eleftheriou-Domoto Kiri, Eleftheriou George / Illustrations: Mark Rolfe

-RELIC RARITIES - The first in an occasional series sees what can be gleaned from a detailed look at the tailcone from a Mitsubishi Zero-Sen Model 52.
Text: Shima Chiaki

-MURAYAMA'S SPRUES & NEWS - Murayama Hiroyuki, Arawasi International's resident expert on the plastic model trade, brings you his first overview of the previous quarter's Japanese-related kit and after-market releases. These include some products that might be impossible to obtain outside Japan, but this might be where buying through this very Web site could help you . . .