Arawasi International Magazine

Issue 11 SOLD OUT

Pages: 64
Photos: More than 100 (of which 30 in colour)
Colour profiles: 16 // Ilustrations: 3
Size: A4
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-Ki-45 Toryu Special Feature I
Unit History: 53rd Sentai, IJAAF
- This issue includes the second article in an occasional series that looks at individual units and markings of both Japanese services in detail.
Many hours spent delving into Japanese source material has unearthed new information and veteran pilot reminiscences on this already well-documented unit. Details about its ramming attack suicide sub-unit are also included. As if that were not enough, we have based the text around must-see, renovated colour photos from the roving lens of renowned wartime photographer Kikuchi Shunkichi.
Text: Editors

-Captured on Camera: Douglas DB-7B Boston - As a follow-up to the article on the captured Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses, which was featured in Arawasi International 9, we attempt to unravel the history of the DB-7Bs that fell into Japanese hands on Java in 1942.
The pilot perspective here is provided by extracts from a discussion between those who carried out an exhaustive evaluation of the type.
Text: Eleftheriou George / Translation: Oishi Naoaki / Artwork: Ro Annis

-Ki-45 Toryu Special Feature II
: Air Duel over Burma
- The second Ki-45 feature in this issue, a translation of an article that appeared in a 1956-vintage Japanese magazine, places the reader in front-line action. Details of a particular incident involving a 21st Sentai Ki-45 crew on detachment at Mingaladon, Burma, are combined with images from the same unit's main base at Pelambang, Sumatra.
Translation: Mia, Paul Thompson

-Project Only: Mitsubishi J4M Senden - This radical Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force interceptor project provides the subject matter for the second in a regular series devoted to the lesser-known projects from the annals of Japanese aviation.
Text: Mike Goodwin / Illustrations: Mark Rolfe

-First of the Line: Nieuport 24 (Army Type Ko-3 Fighter/Trainer) - The first biplane fighter adopted by the IJAAF, the Nieuport 24 was the second to see regular active service. Built under licence in two versions, surplus ex-military machines started to appear on the Japanese civil register within a remarkably short space of time. The article includes extensive photo album-style coverage.
Text: Paul Thompson / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-Cheerful Sky Girls / Trained in Japan: Aviatrix Park Kyung Won - Much of Arawasi International's content focuses on aircraft and the men that flew them, so these two stories for the price of one will help to redress the balance slightly.
The first involves a straight translation from an illustrated article on three women pilots contained in the April 1931 issue of Asahi Graph. The original second piece focuses on one of the women, who went on to counter discrimination and court controversy in becoming Korea's first woman pilot.
Translation/Text: Editors

-The Unsuccessful Japanese Peashooter: Nakajima Ki-11 - A study into the types that were instrumental in finally weaning the IJAAF away from biplanes focuses on the design that was to provide a link between Nakajima's famous parasol-winged NC and Ki-27 fighters. This article too provides a mix of aspects of both civil and military aviation.
Text: Peter Starkings / Illustrations: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-Ki-45 Toryu Special Feature III
Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu Flight Instruments
- Colour photographs of a magnetic compass as well as a turn and bank indicator of the types fitted to the Ki-45. Also includes an instrument panel drawing by Ro Annis.
Text/Photos: Kashiwagi Hirofumi

-Sally Puzzle Solved? - Although the series covering unknown unit markings was billed as "occasional", we've again come up trumps with an exclusive photograph, this time of a Mitsubishi Ki-21 Sally bomber. The Arawasi team is indebted to Akimoto Minoru, writer of a seminal series on unit markings for Koku Fan magazine, for kindly offering his assistance.
Text: Editors / Additional Research: Akimoto Minoru / Illustration: Mark Rolfe

-Ki-45 Toryu Special Feature IV
The Riddle of the Guns, Part 2
- By providing easy to understand tabular information, Nick Millman helps modellers determine what variant options are really portrayed by the current crop of Ki-45 Toryu fighter kits

-Ki-45 Toryu Special Feature V
Model Commentary
- Rounding off our Ki-45 coverage, Bill Bosworth talks us through the background to the astounding model he scratch built over 30 years ago.