ARAWASI Magazine

Issue 4 SOLD OUT

The Fourth Issue Is Out!
Pages: 48
Photos: 32; Color: 12
Color Profiles: 19
Illustrations: 28
Size: A4
Price: $US 15.00 (postage included)
-Units of the Japanese Army Air Force Pt.3 - Don Thorpe honors us with a long series of articles on the markings and chronologies of the Sentais of the IJAAF. This third part is about the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Sentai.

-Photo Joe - Henry Sakaida "unfortunately" refutes a story that could make a rather interesting Hollywood movie.
Text: Henry Sakaida

-Chinese Puzzle - A presentation of the Air Force of the collaborationist regime in Nanking.
Text: Eleftheriou George / Artwork: Don Marsh

-Winged Centipedes - An article about some of the most extraordinary IJNAF and IJAAF airplane designs that could have seen action.
Text: Mike Goodwin / Artwork: - Jan Hajicek

-Heinkels Over Japan Pt.2 - The second part of the article regarding the Heinkel aircraft exported to Japan.
Text: Peter Starkings / Artwork: Zygmunt Szeremeta

-Fancy Nates - Four 97sen (Ki-27 "Nate") profiles in quite colorful camouflage schemes.
Artwork: Jan Hajicek

-Propaganda Propellers - An introduction to the presentation airplanes of the IJAAF.
Text: Paul Thompson / Artwork: Don Marsh

-VINTAGE ALBUM: Fairchild A-942-B LXF1 Amphibian

-Wewak, the Early Days Pt.2 - Second and final part of an article on this significant IJAAF base with vintage as well as modern photos.
Text: Richard Dunn / Photos: Justin Taylan ( -

-Super X-Planes - ???
Text: Eleftheriou George / Artwork: Jan Hajicek