ARAWASI Magazine

Issue 2 SOLD OUT

The Second Issue Is Out!
Pages: 49
Photos: 27
Color Profiles: 14
Illustrations: 15
Size: A4
Price: $US 15.00 (postage included)
-Units of the Japanese Army Air Force - Don Thorpe, with the help of Don Marsh, honours us with a long series of articles on the markings and chronologies of the Sentais of the IJAAF. This first part is about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sentai.

-Second Wind in the Willows - Second part from our "Dutch Connection". This one is about the Willows operated by the Indonesians.
Text: Jacob Terlouw / Illustrations: Jan Hajicek

-Army Kamikaze Group Photo - You have seen the photo everywhere. World renown aviation historian and researcher Henry Sakaida tells us the story behind the group of Kamikaze pilots.
Text: Henry Sakaida

-Japanese Aircraft oner Inner Mongolia - First of a two-part-article regarding the largely unknown Japanese involvement in Inner Mongolia from an aviation point of view.
Text: James Boyd / Illustrations: Jan Hajicek

-VINTAGE ALBUM: Nakajima D3N1 - A world exclusive. For the very first time a photo of the Nakajima D3N1, the unsuccessful competitor of the Val.
Text: Mike Goodwin

-CG Poster - Insert. Size: 42X30 cm.
Art: Takano Fumio

-Japanese Payen - The story of the Mitsubishi-Payen Pa. 400.
Text: Mike Goodwin / Illustrations: Jan Hajicek

-In the Record Books pt.1 - A chronological survey of the Japanese record breaking flights.
Text: Russ Plehinger / Illustration: Jan Hajicek

-Fighters under the Southern Cross - A detailed account of the death of Admiral Yamamoto.
Text: James Lansdale

-Library - In this section of the magazine we introduce Japanese publications, (biographies, autobiographies etc.) totally unknown outside Japan.