ARAWASI Magazine

Issue 1 SOLD OUT

The first Issue is out!
Pages: 30
Photos: 18 (12 never seen before)
Color Profiles: 4
Illustrations: 8
Size: A4
Price: $US 10.00 (postage included)
-The Crest of the Akeno Fighter School - Geometric & stylistic analysis of the marking of the Akeno school by professional designer and illustrator Don Marsh.
Text / Illustrations: Don Marsh (U.S.A.)

-The Trail of the Shiun at Arakabesang - Komine Bunzo, the author of most of the aviation titles of the Gakken series, is revealing the secrets of the operational history of one of the most misunderstood Japanese airplanes, the Shiun. An article that will force into revision everything written about the Shiun.
Text: Komine Bunzo (Japan) / Illustrations: Jan Hajicek (Czech)

-A Short Story About Two Floatplanes - Did you know that Japanese floatplanes found their way to Holland where they disappeared!? Part one of this series of articles reveals some aspects of their fate and is accompanied by two photos, one of which is the first published and only known photo of a G4M "Betty" in Indonesian markings.
Text: Jacob Terlouw (Holland)

-Vintage Album: Mitsubishi B5M1 Mabel - There are only a handful of photos of this well known airplane. In the "Album" section of the magazine we add two more dramatic ones showing the prototype in flight.
Text: Editors / Illustration: Jan Hajicek

-CG Art: Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate - The CG art of Takano san brings colour to this first issue. Extra cool CG illustration of a Hayate of the 11th Sentai.
Art: Takano Fumio (Japan)

-War Hero Major Hideshima - This ten page article translated from a vintage magazine tells the story of Maj. Hideshima, one of those totally unknown Japanese pilots who fought during the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War, at the mountains of North China. Accompanied by 3 area maps and 9 photos.
Translation: James Boyd (Australia)

-War Prize: The Capture of the First Japanese Zero Fighter - No, the Aleutian Zero was not the first one captured and tested by the Allies.
Text: James Lansdale (U.S.A.) / Illustrations: Don Marsh

-Library - In this section of the magazine we will introduce Japanese publications, (biographies, autobiographies etc.) totally unknown outside Japan.